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School Reunion - Behind the Scenes

Below are excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM #369

    “THWACK!” is the sound that K9 makes as he collides with a kitchen unit.
    “Hoo-hoo, yessssss!” is the sound that David Tennant makes as he watches K9 collide with a kitchen unit.  He’s the Doctor, so he really should know better.
    “Cut!” is the sound that the director, James Hawes, makes before breaking into a fit of giggles.  “Sorry folks, he’s done it again.”
    “I’m laughing through my tears,” admits Elisabeth, as the cast and crew all collapse in hysterics - except, perhaps, for the producer, Phil Collinson, who has a schedule to keep.  No, wait, Phil is laughing too.
    “Did you catch that, Doctor Who Magazine?” hollers James.
    “If I was a bit smaller,” chuckles David, pointing at K9 (who’d probably be very embarrassed were he a real dog), “I’d get inside him and do this scene myself!”

[Elisabeth on working with David and Billie]
    “David’s a lovely hugger.  He’s very tactile with everyone.  I knew that he had been a fan of Doctor Who when he was a little boy, so that was lovely.  That actually made it a lot sweeter.  And I’m so pleased for Billie, because, as the assistant, you were always totally overshadowed; at last, someone realizes the importance of the assistant.  Billie is very warm, very immediate.”
    “The energy that Billie and David have is remarkable.  I saw David in the gym the other day: he was almost turning summersaults on the ropes.  He’s very fit.  He runs like a bloody bat out of hell.”

The rest of my behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

you can delete your memories?  yeah, it’s not as fun as it sounds.

“I was going for minimalism but I think I came out with magician.”
— The Doctor - Time Heist (via doctorwho)

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Anonymous: I can see you're enjoying S8 so far but you don't know why. Could it be because it's so similar to the RTD era? "Into The Dalek" = Dalek, "Deep Breath" = Girl in the Fireplace....? 


you’re right! o_o They do seem similar, more of that RTD setting… no wonder i’m kinda enjoying it. hmm….and no wonder I hate Deep Breath so much, because I hate GitF too lmao. And the robin hood episode did feel a bit like tUatWasp, bright, cheery, alien happened, boom

"Listen" also tried to be like Midnight, but failed terribly oops sorry Moff

"The Caretaker" is gonna be like School Reunion, I CAN FEEL IT

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come 28th Sunday, OUAT will be fighting with DW for space on my blog oops


(x) already getting the oq and cs feels

Get it together. Control it. Don’t feel, don’t feel, don’t feel.

Anonymous: Bet you can't gif the entire Frozen. 


u wanna bet m8?